Anycubic I3 Mega – dual watch winder

This is a 3D printed double watch winder which powered by a 3K1655 gear motor which powered by a 5V usb power supply from any mobile phone and controlled by an external 7 days x 24 hours programmable timer.

In order to protect and hold the watches in place, flexible pad was made from the insulation tube for the hose of air conditioner. There is a wide range of size for your choice.

Hints and tips for using a watch winding:

  1. Timer turns on at intervals (i.e. At least 3 times a day) which noise of motor/gear was not interfering your daily living and stored in a place with stable temperature and humidity (i.e. Stored in a enclosed cupboard and placed over a absorber);
  2. The USB power supply (i.e. Use good quality 5V power supply) shall be safe to operate without hazard of fire;
  3. All the watches can be winded properly and ensure that it can be used by you at any time without adjustment of time (i.e. Set the time correctly at first and then hand winding/swing until it is moved prior to insert onto the cups of winder. ;
  4.  It must be secured hold in the cups of winder without falling off from the winder (i.e. Use correct size of pad to suit your watch. If it is possible, please set the winder in inclined position to prevent rolling out of watches) during prolong winding for months.

Anycubic I3 Mega – print size hacks

With below modifications, size of printing was changed to  210 x 210 x 233 mm. First of all, the gantry was risen and the connector of hot end and cooling fans were relocated to back of lead screw.

  1. Gantry was risen by (i.e. 28 mm) fastening two screws instead 4 screws and lowered down the end stops of Y-axis carriages.

2. Connector for cables of two cooling fans and hot end was relocated to back of slides with the below connector enclosure and a stool. 3. Machine setting in Cura shall be changed and Marlin firmware shall be used. Search in Configuration.h for Z_MAX_POS 206  and change it to 234 (i.e. 233+1)


Magic Lantern – Canon EOS Cameras

Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren’t included from the factory by Canon.




  • Analog / digital gain adjustments.
  • Selectable input source.
  • Toggle wind filter.
  • Live audio monitoring through with headphones.
  • Beep / test tones.
  • Not available on all models – please check the feature matrix.


  • Analog / digital gain adjustments.
  • Selectable input source.
  • Toggle wind filter.
  • Live audio monitoring through with headphones.
  • Beep / test tones.
  • Not available on all models – please check the feature matrix.


  • Zebras for under/over exposed areas.
  • Focus peaking for quickly checking focus.
  • Magic Zoom window to fine-tune focus.
  • Cropmark overlays for 16×9 bars or any custom shape.
  • Overlay a ghost image in live view.
  • Spotmeter in live view.
  • False color for precise exposure control.
  • RGB histogram with RAW support.
  • Waveform for perfect green screen lighting.
  • Vectorscope for color tones.


  • Full control over H264 bitrate.
  • Full control of recording framerate.
  • Record HDR video.
  • Custom vignetting for lens correction.
  • Record 14-bit uncompressed RAW video to your CF/SD card.
  • Experimental 2.5K/3K/4K with 10/12/14-bit RAW video (uncompressed or LJ92).


  • Bracketing for exposure, flash, or depth-of-field.
  • In-camera intervalometer.
  • Custom bulb timer for extra-long exposures.
  • Motion detection.
  • Silent pictures without shutter actuation.
  • Record voice tags for photos / videos.


  • Trap focus.
  • Follow focus.
  • Rack focus.
  • Focus stacking.
  • Custom AF patterns.
  • DOF calculator (diffraction-aware).
  • Automatic AFMA calibration (DotTune).


  • Program your own camera!
  • Write Lua scripts in any text editor – no special setup needed!
  • Change any ML settings from scripts (menu API).
  • Change most Canon settings from scripts (WIP).
  • In-camera text editor and calculator.
  • Games (implemented as Lua scripts).

CHDK – Canon Hack Development Kit 

CHDK – Canon Hack Development Kit

During the power on process of Canon 「Powershot A610」, CHDK is loading into memory of camera via SD card.  It is upgraded to have RAW and extra features with this firmware.

  • RAW – CHDK can record raw files, giving you access to every bit of data the sensor saw, without compression or processing. Raw files can be manipulated on the camera, or processed on your PC. CHDK supports the open DNG raw standard.
  • Override Camera parameters – Exposures from 2048s to 1/60,000s with flash sync. Full manual or priority control over exposure, aperture, ISO and focus.
  • Bracketing – Bracketing is supported for exposure, aperture, ISO, and even focus.
  • Video Overrides – Control the quality or bitrate of video, or change it on the fly. Extended video clip length – 1 hour or 2GB.
  • Scripting – Control CHDK and camera features using uBASIC and Lua scripts. Enables time lapse, motion detection, advanced bracketing, and much more. Many user-written scripts are available on the forum and wiki.
  • Motion detection – Trigger exposure in response to motion, fast enough to catch lightning.
  • Edge overlay – Detect the edges in a scene, and display them later. Ideal for timelapses, stop-motion, stereography and much more.
  • Live Histogram – CHDK includes a customizable, live histogram display, like those typically found on more expensive cameras. (RGB, blended, luminance and for each RGB channel)
  • Zebra-Mode – Displays under and overexposure areas live on the screen.
  • GRIDS – Create custom grids and display whichever one suits your shooting conditions.
  • Multi-Lingual Interface – CHDK supports about 22 languages, and adding more languages is simple.
  • DOF Calculator – Display detailed DOF information on the screen.
  • Customizable OSD – Improved display of battery status, free space, camera parameters, and much more. Fully customizable with an on-screen editor.
  • Filebrowser – Manage files without a PC.
  • Textreader – Display text files on your camera.
  • Games – Play Reversi, Sokoban, Mastermind, 4-in-a-Row, Tetris, Snake or Sudoku on your camera.
  • Calendar
  • USB Remote – Simple DIY remote allows you to trigger exposures or scripts.
  • PTP Extension – Remote control and display from a PC
  • Benchmark – Compare the performance of your SD cards.
  • User Menu – Edit your own customizable User-Menu for fast access to often used features.
  • Battery Indicator – Always on
  • Ability to control dark frame subtraction.