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Modification of Anycubic I3 Mega

The followings are the proposed modification which can be done by yourself.

  1. Z-axis gantry – Increase the printable height from 205mm to 230mm (12% increase)
  2. Add a Locking pin for heat bed
  3. X-Carriage base of printer head
  4. X-axis cable chain
  5. X-axis cable chain riser for motor with heat sink 
  6. Titan aero or rear aero
  7. Cooling fan of printing part
  8. Cable protector for original printing head
  9. Printer head and fan mounting
  10. Magnetic LED lighting strip 
  11. LED light strip mounting
  12. A/C voltage selector cover
  13. Webcam holder
  14. Side extruder mounting
  15. Flexible filament upgrade for extruder
  16. Y-spliter for dual filament
  17. Power supply casing


Mother board Technical Details:


TriGorilla is a integrated main board that is integrated with the mighty function of the Mega2560+ramps 1.4 on respect of both software and hardware and has more premium features; the streamlined interfaces effectively avoid the unnecessary troubles and power than Ramps 1.4 + Mega2560, it is a feature rich all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap Mendel Prusa and other CNC devices.

Main Control Chip: ATMEGA256016AU

Input Power: 10V ~ 30V

Standby Current: 35mA±5mA

Stepper Motor Drivers: 5 channel Max

Hot bed Output Control: 1 channel

Heated output control: 2 channel

under-current output control: 3 channel

Dimensions: 125mm x 82mm

1, simple to install:
Integrated with the mighty function of the Mega2560+ramps 1.4 kit, Great reduce the wiring problem, more convenient connection, and more stable.
2, Convenient to use:
TriGorilla motherboard support LCD2004 and LCD12864 without using adapter, and there are two choices for main board power supply, you can choose DC power supply connection or directly from the terminal, it is convenient to use. TriGorilla use CP2102 chip as a serial port communication, communication not only stable, but also avoid the repeated to install the driver(There will be increased “COM” port when replacing the traditional 2560 board, so while those people who need to batch purchasing test, the “COM” increases to a certain value will lead to can’t upload the firmware problem.)
3, Excellent compatibility:
Firmware can use the same configuration as ramps1.4, the marlin firmware which runs in Mega2560+ramps 1.4 kits can directly running in TriGorilla board.
4, voltage input at super wide range, short-circuit protection:
TriGorilla adopts DC – DC step-down scheme design and Recoverable fuse for short-circuit protection, improving the MEGA2560 board serious heating problem, Allowing any power supply from 10V-30V.
5, Support up to 5 motor drivers, support A4988/ DRV8825 /TMC2100 driver:
Motor drive circuit doesn’t integration on the circuit board. You can change any stepper motor driver you need, easier to operate. (Support A4988/ DRV8825 /TMC2100 driver)
6, Rich expansion port
TriGorilla had reserved SERVO, UART, IIC expansion, so you can use it realize automatic leveling, control touch screen smart controller, control wireless module and the detection of break, etc
7, wide applicability(widely used in 3D printers, e.g. Kossel, Prusa i3, corexy, etc

Package included:
1 x ANYCUBIC TriGorilla 3D printer control board
1 x 30cm USB cable

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Solar Pendulum

Solar powered pendulum as below was can be easily made without circuit board.

Parts list:

Solar panel > 2 V output

Capacitors :  3300 uF x 1, 1000uFx1

NPN Transistor: 2N3904 x 1

PNP Transistor: 2N3906 x1

Resisitor: 100kOhm x 2

Diode : IN4001 x 1

LED: Any colour x 1

Coil: 10mm dia. x 30 rounds

Magnet : 10mm dia. round x 1

Swinging device: Free to sing



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English Manual of AnyCubic I3 Mega


During the operation of 3d printer, it is required to print the first layer of your model onto the printer heat bed.Therefore, it is first objective to adjust the nozzle head within the clearance distance between 0.1 to 0.2 mm (i.e. thickness of a sheet of paper). The procedures for the adjustment are shown as in above video.


Anycubic Manual – version 2

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Internet of Things 物联网

Things which can be reached by some devices via the internet connections.

Things are defined as in above figure that it can be devices or services. It can be an online/offline internet connection with continued monitoring of programmable software or AI via hardware. Sensors are hardware which may be embedded in phone, cooker, car, plane, clock, iron, machine, plant, router, bin, light bulk, fan, bicycle, door lock, boiler, oven, freezer, robot, timer and etc.  Concurrent parameters such as temperature, location, speed, weight, humidity, acidic, pressure, qualities and etc. were reported or extracted via internet for analysis for response via devices.  By the mean time, the internet location (IPv4 or IPv6) was adopted as a basic unit of device.

Common hardware:

Personal Computer (single CPU computer unit)

Cloud computing (virtual computing system via simulation of high performance computer)

System on chip, SOC (Single chip computer system with integrated I/O power)

Cluster computing (super computer system with nodes)

Common software:

Big data analysis

Artificial intelligence