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Anycubic i3 Mega – hacking of printable size

There are many ways to increase the printable size in XYZ axis.

1.Rising the gantry by remove the bottom tie bar;

2. Unscrew 4 screws of gantry and then re-fix the gantry with 2 screws. As a result, gantry and its Y-axis stepped motor will be risen by 32mm (Say 30 mm);

3. Shift down two  mechanical end stop of Z-stepper motors by approx. 10mm or replaced switch with opto end stop ver 1.0  ver 1.3.1 or ver 2.1  to new location.

4. Recalibrate the X-axis carriage and its printer head to level and parallel to the heat bed by adjust two homing screws and 4 levelling screws for heat bed with a sheet of paper.

5. Use Marlin to compile and update firmware to printer for the change in Z-limit from 206 to 231 (i.e. from 205 to 230 mm.)

Marlin firmware and XYZ stepped motor calculator 

Wiring two Z-stepper motors with single Z-driver