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Internet of Things 物联网

Things which can be reached by some devices via the internet connections.

Things are defined as in above figure that it can be devices or services. It can be an online/offline internet connection with continued monitoring of programmable software or AI via hardware. Sensors are hardware which may be embedded in phone, cooker, car, plane, clock, iron, machine, plant, router, bin, light bulk, fan, bicycle, door lock, boiler, oven, freezer, robot, timer and etc.  Concurrent parameters such as temperature, location, speed, weight, humidity, acidic, pressure, qualities and etc. were reported or extracted via internet for analysis for response via devices.  By the mean time, the internet location (IPv4 or IPv6) was adopted as a basic unit of device.

Common hardware:

Personal Computer (single CPU computer unit)

Cloud computing (virtual computing system via simulation of high performance computer)

System on chip, SOC (Single chip computer system with integrated I/O power)

Cluster computing (super computer system with nodes)

Common software:

Big data analysis

Artificial intelligence