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Basecam – 3-axis stabilization controller

The BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit controller is used for the construction of high quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems. This board is deployed in handheld and boom-mounted cameras in many systems available worldwide.  There is increasingly also use in aerial vehicles (uav’s).  With its 32-bit ARM processor the board possesses enough power for any practical level of complexity for algorithms, and together with premium MEMS gyros it uses high-efficiency FETS which gives it enough power to drive most cinema grade equipment when properly configured, yet at just 22grams for the board itself it is small enough to fit into just about any application. For micro vehicles and single-handed applications or anyplace space is limited there is also a smaller version of this same board (see SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny board for more information). The smaller board is very similar- with all of the same functionality in an even smaller package.

This version of the controller (and the new Tiny 32-bit board) is our new direction in the development of the stabilizing solutions. It replaces the previous 8-bit version of the SimpleBGC controller keeping 100% backward compatibility for users replacing an older controller with this one who need all of the functionality of the old controller to be the same in the new controller (in order to fit into the existing system with a minimum of effort).  In addition the management software is backward compatible, so it is possible (or likely) that users of older 8-bit controllers are using the newest version of the management software.